Water table

March 2023 / Hair of the Dog, Four Corners Gallery, East London
Digital images
1,2: Artist’s photographs and text
3: Found image and artist’s text
4: ‘Belmont Workhouse inmates being marched off by the police after rioting over being fed only ‘watery porridge’ 1910’, artist’s text
5: Photograph Regina Mamou, Amman 2010, artist’s text
6: Photograph from Root and Bone magazine, date unknown, artist’s text

I’ve been exploring the way the English language is saturated with references to the non-human world, belying the long held view of humans as distinct from and superior to nature.

In this series of works I’m using text in play with image; viewing the outcomes as both concrete poetry and visual object. Some include found photographs while others use my own images. I’ve produced them in poster form; I’d like to see them fly posted on the street alongside appearing in the gallery.